Emergency Dispatch:  1-800-367-3822

FlightCare offers air transportation for inter-hospital and scene accidents. FlightCare will transport a patient from the scene of an accident to the closest, most appropriate hospital and from any hospital to any other hospital. Our highly trained staff will provide prompt and excellent service to the patient in need.

Interfacility Requests:

  • Requestors name
  • Type of patient
  • Age of patient
  • Approximate patient weight
  • Medications
  • Call back number
  • Receiving hospital (Not required)

Scene Accident Requests:

  • Requestors name and agency
  • Type of incident
  • Approximate patient weight
  • Location including nearest cross street
  • Call back number
  • Ground contact
  • Radio frequency

Stand-by Requests

The stand-by option was established in an effort to meet the needs of the facilities and agencies that FlightCare services. In situations where the helicopter may be needed, the helicopter can be put on stand-by for up to 30 minutes. The use of stand-by does not reserve the helicopter by the requestor. In response, the team will station themselves at the helipad and make all preparations for flight. If the helicopter IS needed, call 1-800-367-3822 to request that the helicopter be officially dispatched. If no confirmations have been provided within 30 minutes, the communication specialist will use the call-back number to check with the facility or agency.

AutoLaunch Requests

This policy allows FlightCare to be auto-launched when there is a high likelihood that air medical transport will be needed. This allows FlightCare to get airborne quicker and ready to respond once the need for air medical transport has been confirmed. When units arrive on-scene and they feel that FlightCare will not be needed, they can simply cancel the aircraft and we will return to our base in Saginaw. In the event that air medical transport is needed, this will greatly reduce the amount of time needed to get the aircraft to the scene. In the event that our services are not needed, no one will be invoiced.