Pilot operating FlightCare Helicopter

All of the pilots are instrument rated and remain current under rigid training and check-ride programs that are closely controlled by the FAA.

Helicopter Pilot Minimum Requirements:

  • Current FAA Commercial Rotorcraft Certification
  • Current Second Class FAA Medical Certificate
  • Helicopter Instrument Training
  • 2000 hours total pilot time
  • 1000 hours helicopter PIC
  • 1000 hours turbine
  • 200 hours of Night Flight
  • 50 hours of actual weather or simulated weather flight hours
  • No FAA Warnings or Violations

The most advanced equipment is used to facilitate safe transport of patients in the most critical situations. The National Transportation Safety Board and the FAA view night vision goggles as one way of enhancing safety for night operations. Night vision goggles take any ambient light to turn darkness into near daylight conditions. FlightCare has been performing missions utilizing night vision technology since 2011.