photos1FlightCare EC-135

Brand new in June 2016, FlightCare received an upgraded EC-135 helicopter.  This aircraft is one of the industry’s most reliable mid-sized twin-engine helicopters. The EC-135’s extended range and maneuverability enable it to perform a wide range of mission requirements. The helicopter’s Fenestron tail rotor and rear fuselage clamshell doors offer the safest and easiest loading possible, while the aircrafts anti-resonance isolation system of the helicopter ensures patients are given the smoothest ride possible. 

EC-135 Capabilities:

  • Extreme stability in hot weather and high altitudes
  • Advanced Rotor Wing Technology
  • FADEC system for state-of-the-art performance, safety and fuel efficiency
  • Flies at more than 140 miles per hour
  • Determines precise locations, day or night and XM Satellite Weather that provides pilots with real-time weather updates in the cockpit
  • Equipped with a traffic collision avoidance system (TCAS), which enables the pilot to locate other aircraft in the same vicinity
  • Equipped with helicopter terrain avoidance warning system (HTAWS) which shows approaching obstacles so pilots can steer clear in advance
  • Night Vision Goggles provide a significant increase in the level of risk mitigation for night transports
  • Touchscreen Garmin GPS 650/750 makes navigation calculations and map redraw rates at a fast speed making it easier for pilots to read and interpret critical information
  • WAAS Capability that provides vertical guidance in the event of an IIMC scenario
  • Flight monitoring system that records aircraft parameters, voice and video along with tracking

All of the pilots are instrument rated and remain current under rigid training and check-ride programs that are closely controlled by the FAA.