FlightCare Helicopter in flightFlightCare is a leading air medical transport provider in Michigan. FlightCare has been providing air medical transportation and outreach education to local communities and leading healthcare systems for over 28 years. The base is located in Saginaw, where a dedicated crew of pilots, flight nurses and flight paramedics all exceptionally trained and ready to respond at a moment’s notice, 24 hours a day, weather permitting. The team’s priority is to provide premier patient care in an environment devoted to safety. 

Since our inception in 1987, we have flown more than 10,500 missions and still remain a strong tenured flight crew in Michigan. We continue to set the standard as the premier air medical transport program in our region.

Mission and Values

FlightCare provides safe, rapid, high quality air transportation for critically ill and injured adult and pediatric patients within the Lower Peninsula of the state of Michigan in a professional and compassionate manner.

The Staff

FlightCare’s medical team members are associates of St. Mary’s of Michigan and are highly skilled and experienced healthcare professionals who are dedicated to the care of patients and their families. The elite crew members demonstrate advanced skills such as advanced airway procedures, chest decompresses and Pericardiocentesis, to name a few. We are guided by a board certified physician, Dr. George Roller, MD. 

The medical staff undergoes a rigorous initial orientation and upholds stringent continuing education requirements on an annual basis. All RNs require a minimum of 3 years of critical care experience and a pre-hospital license. All medics require a minimum 3 years of road experience in a busy ALS system. We are also committed to continually developing, improving and advancing our experience and skill level as an air medical transport service. The annual training requirements for continuing education consisting of:

  • Clinical time spent in Adult Critical Care
  • Invasive Skill Labs
  • Classroom Education
  • Simulation Lab Training
  • Pediatric Critical Care
  • Difficult Airway Labs
  • Pericardiocentesis

The pilots here at FlightCare are employed by Med-Trans Corporation and also undergo rigorous orientation and require:

  • Current FAA Commercial Rotorcraft Certification
  • Current Second Class FAA Medical Certificate
  • Helicopter Instrument Training
  • 2000 hours total pilot time
  • 1000 hours helicopter PIC
  • 1000 hours turbine
  • 200 hours of Night Flight
  • 50 hours of actual weather or simulated weather flight hours
  • No FAA Warnings or Violations

FlightCare is a “DBA” for Med-Trans Corporation.